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Mac Da Cherda See: Comgán Mac Dá Cherda

Mac Dá Cherda See: Comgán Mac Dá Cherda

king of Leinster in the tale known as Scéla mucce Meic Mac Da Thó
bishop of Breifne (Kilmore)
bishop of Breifne (Kilmore)
Irish scholar and scribe who adapted Innocent III’s tract De contemptu mundi in Irish.
  • c. 1586–1632
  • Flanders
(Captain) Somhairle Mac Domhnaill, soldier who belonged to Clann Dhomhnaill of Co. Antrim; ended up in Flanders in 1616 to join the Irish regiment of the Spanish army; a patron who commissioned the compilation of Irish manuscripts.
  • Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale de Belgique, Poland, Vienna
Irish scholar who has been identified as a “a member of the Royal Irish Academy [since 1847], the Irish Archæological Society, and the Celtic Society; from 1850 onwards he appears in Dublin directories as Pursuivant at Arms in Dublin Castle”.
  • fl. 15th century
Cormac Mac Duinnshléibhe (Mac Duinntshléibhe / Mac Duinn Shléibhe, angl. Mac Donlevy), 15th-century Irish translator of a number of medical treatises.
  • fl. 16th century
  • Dún Ard ... Co. Wicklow
Fearghal (mac Tomáis) Mac Eochadha of Donard (Dún Ard), Irish poet, mentioned as a rymor in the Fiants of Elizabeth I, and identified as the author of the poems beg. Mairg do-ní deimhin da dhóigh and Mairg do-ní nama da charaid

Mac Eochagáin (Conall) See: Conall Mageoghegan