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Hibernicus Exsul See: Hibernicus Exul

Anonymous poet who refers to himself as an Irish ‘exile’ (Hibernicus exul) and composed a hexametrical poem on Charlemagne’s victory over Tassilo III, duke of Bavaria, in 787. The extent of his surviving work is unclear and his identity remains uncertain. Attempts have been made to identify him with Dungal of Saint-Denis (e.g. by Traube) or with Dicuil (Esposito).

Hickey (Anthony) See: Antony Hickey

  • d. 1641
  • Rome, Rome, St Isidore's College, Louvain, St Anthony's College, Cologne, Aachen
Irish Franciscan friar and theologian.

Hickey (Diarmuid) See: Antony Hickey

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Higgins (Paul) See: Pól Ó hUiginn

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Society founded on May 28, 1778, by a group of Highland gentlemen in London.

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  • fl. c.315/6–c.367/8
  • Poitiers
theologian and bishop of Poitiers (el. 353), who campaigned against Arianism and has the reputation of being the first writer of Latin hymns, who composed a Liber hymnorum, although few texts are extant. He appears to have been held in high esteem in medieval Ireland.
Poet and historian, librarian of Queen’s College, Belfast, and author of Historical account of the Macdonnells of Antrim (1873).

Hillers (Barbara L.) See: Barbara Hillers

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  • d. 15 April 2020
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