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son of Seth and father of Cainan

Enosh See: Enos

third abbot of Tallaght (d. 812)
Eochaid Airem (‘Ploughman’), legendary high-king of Ireland, known from the tale of Tochmarc Étaíne.
eponymous ancestor figure for the Uí Echach Coba; given as a son of Cronn ba Druí mac Fíachach Findamnais.
in Irish legendary history, high-king of Ireland, descendant of Labraid Lorc and father of multiple daughters and sons, including Medb ruler of Connacht, Clothru and the triplets known as the three Findemna.
  • supp. fl. c.2nd century
In Irish historical tradition, eponymous ancestor of the Fothairt, a son of Feidlimid Rechtaid and brother of Conn Cétchathach.

Eochaid Fúath nAirt See: Eochaid Find Fúath nAirt

king of Leinster in the Acallam na senórach
  • Munster, Tuadmumu
legendary king of Munster or in Munster, especially as king of North Munster while Cú Roí is king of South Munster.