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Welsh scholar and librarian at the National Library of Wales.
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Irish scholar, former professor at the School of Celtic Studies, DIAS.
  • 1940–2019
Anglo-Norman magnate who made a career in Ireland as a soldier and lord and became the first earl of Ulster in 1205. He was the son of Hugh de Lacy (d. 1186), lord of Meath, and his first wife, Rose of Monmouth (Rose de Baderon).
Magnate, son of Gilbert de Lacy (d. 1163), lord of Weobley, Herefordshire. After he accompanied Henry II on his 1171 visit to Ireland, he was entrusted with the kingdom of Mide.
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  • 1577–1634
  • s. xx–xxi

Déclán mac Eircc See: Déclán of Ardmore

Declán of Ardmore See: Déclán of Ardmore

  • Ard Mór ... Ardmore (Co. Waterford)
Déclán mac Eircc (late 5th century), patron saint of Ard Mór (Ardmore, Co. Waterford)