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  • 1808–1895
  • Belfast
Robert Shipboy MacAdam, Irish Presbyterian scholar and antiquarian from Belfast; co-founded Ulster Gaelic Society and the Belfast Museum; editor of the Ulster Journal Archaeology.
  • 1918–1959
  • b. c.1570, d. 1620s/after 1625
Eoghan Ruadh mac Uilliam Óig Mac an Bhaird. Irish poet, member of a family who were hereditary poets to the Ó Domhnaill dynasty and himself poet to Aodh Ruadh Ó Dhomhnaill and others after the Flight of the Earls.
  • fl. first half of the 16th century
Fearghal (mac Domhnaill Ruaidh) Mac an Bhaird, Irish bardic poet
Mac an Bhaird, Fearghal Óg (mac Fearghail mheic Dhomhnaill Ruaidh), Irish bardic poet
Irish poet of the Mac an Bhaird family, a learned family of poets and scholars.
Irish poet, son of Gofraidh son of Brian Mac an Bhaird.
  • fl. 15th century
Irish author, translator and scribe