Ware (James)

  • d. 1666
  • authors, scholars
(Sir) James Ware, Irish scholar, historian and antiquarian
Ware, James, De praesulibus Hiberniae, commentarius: a prima gentis Hibernicae fidem Christianam conversione ad nostra usque tempora, Dublin: John Crook, 1665.
Ware, James, De Hibernia et antiquitatibus eius, disquisitiones, E. Tyler, 1658.
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Ware, James, S. Patricio, qui Hibernos ad fidem Christi convertit, adscripta opuscula, London: apud Johannem Crook, 1656. <link>
Ware, James, De scriptoribus Hiberniae, Dublin, 1639.
Ware, James (ed.), The historie of Ireland: collected by three learned authors, viz. Meredith Hanmer ..., Edmund Campion ... and Edmund Spenser, Dublin: Societie of Stationers, 1633.  
The original title is Two histories of Ireland. For slight variations in the issues that were printed in the same year, see A catalogue of the Bradshaw collection of Irish books in the University Library Cambridge, vol. 1: 6 (Hib. 4. 63. 1-7).

See also: Thomas ArthurArthur (Thomas)
Thomas Arthur FitzWilliam
Limerick physician educated at Bordeaux and a Catholic with an interest in devotional literature. One of his better known patients was bishop James Ussher, who at one time appears to have lent him a manuscript of the so-called Kilkenny recension of Latin lives of Irish saints. A manuscript of transcripts by Thomas is still extant.
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James Butler [1st duke of Ormond]Butler (James) ... 1st duke of Ormond
Irish statesman, first duke of Ormond, lord lieutenant of Ireland.
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Walter HarrisHarris (Walter)
Irish historian.
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Dubhaltach Mac Fhir BhisighMac Fhir Bhisigh (Dubhaltach)
(d. 1671)
Dubhaltach (Óg) Mac Fhir Bhisigh, Irish historian and scribe, member of the learned Mac Fhir Bhisigh family in Connacht
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James UssherUssher (James)
Anglican archbishop of Armagh known for his scholarship on a variety of subjects, including history and theology
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