See also: Fáthe, Fís and Fírinne [sons of Antipater]Fáthe, Fís and Fírinne ... sons of Antipater
Fáthe ... son of Antipater, Fís ... son of Antipater, Fírinne ... son of Antipater
The three youths, sons of the druid Antipater, in the tale of Tochmarc Moméra, whose names are Fáth(e) or Fáthaid ‘Prophecy’, Fís ‘Knowledge’ and Fírinne ‘Truth’.
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Philip O'Sullivan BeareO'Sullivan Beare (Philip)
(d. 1634 or after)
Ó Súilleabháin Béirre (Pilib)
Irish historian and author, of the O'Sullivans of Beare and Bantry, who lived as an exile in Spain and Portugal, following the Nine Years’ War and the Irish defeat at Kinsale. He wrote a number of Latin treatises on subjects of Irish interest.
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