Rothe (David)

  • 1573–1650
Bishop of Ossory
Rothe, David, The Analecta of David Rothe, bishop of Ossory, ed. Patrick F. Moran (1616), Dublin, 1884.
Internet Archive: <link>
Rothe, David, De processu martyriali quorundam fidei pugilum in Hibernia: pro complemento sacrorum analectorum, Cologne: Apud Stephanum Rolinum, 1619.
Google Books – originally from the Bavarian State Library: <link>
Rothe, David, Analecta sacra, novus et mira, de rebus Catholicorum in Hibernia, 1 vols, 2nd ed. (1616), Cologne: Apud Stephanum Rolinum, 1617.
Google Books – originally from the Bavarian State Library: <link>


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