Mac Mathghamhna family

See also: Aindrias Mac MathghamhnaMac Mathghamhna (Aindrias)
(fl. second half of the 18th century)
Aindrias Mac Mathghamhna, Irish scribe
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Aodh Óg Mac MathghamhnaMac Mathghamhna (Aodh Óg)
(d. 1496)
king of Oirghialla; son of Aodh Ruadh Mac Mathghamhna
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Muircheartach Mac Mathghamhna [of Clooneenagh]Mac Mathghamhna (Muircheartach) ... of Clooneenagh
(s. xviii)
Husband of Máire, daughter of Isibéal Ní Bhriain and Somhairle Mac Domhnaill, with whom he resided at Cluain Fhíneach (also written as Cluainíneach, now tl. Clooneenagh, Co. Clare).
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