Imhoff (Helen)

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Imhoff, Helen, “DIL ‘de(i)n’ indeclinable?”, Journal of Celtic Linguistics 20 (2019): 61–98.  

This article discusses the early Irish adjective de(i)n, found particularly frequently in verse, in order to investigate the validity of DIL's statement that it is indeclinable. A collection of examples of the adjective is analysed with regard to statements made by Meyer, Pokorny and Marstrander concerning the stem of de(i)n, and DIL's claim is assessed against this background. Problematic examples are discussed in detail and a range of interpretations is considered. In conclusion, while none of the theories put forward can explain all instances of de(i)n given in this article, DIL's statement regarding indeclinability should not be accepted without question.

Imhoff, Helen, “The different versions of Aided Chonchobair”, Ériu 62 (2012): 43–99.
Imhoff, Helen, “Pre-Christian characters in medieval Irish literature: an examination of Fástini Airt meic Cuind, De suidigud tellaig Temra, Aided Chonchobair and Aided Echach maic Maireda”, Ph.D. thesis, University of Cambridge, 2010.
Imhoff, Helen, “The themes and structure of Aided Echach maic Maireda”, Ériu 58 (2008): 107–131.


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