Verniers (Linda)

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Roymans, Nico, and Linda Verniers, “Glass La Tène bracelets in the Lower Rhine region: typology, chronology and social interpretation”, Germania: Anzeiger der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts 88:1 (2010, 2013): 195–219 + ill..  
Within the area of the European La Tène culture the Lower Rhine region attracts attention because of its extremely intensive occurrence of glass La Tène bracelets. The amazing rich evidence raises a series of interesting questions. Which factors have determined the dense distribution pattern? What are the major archaeological contexts in which the armrings have been found? Were they imported from southern regions, or largely produced in the Lower Rhine region itself? What do we know about the social use of the arm-rings and their role in the construction of identities related to gender, age class and ethnicity? In this paper we will try to answer the above questions.


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