Sullivan (Francis Stoughton)

  • 1715–1766
Irish lawyer, Fellow of Trinity College Dublin and Professor of Law in the University of Dublin.
scribes:Ó Dálaigh (Aodh)patron:Sullivan (Francis Stoughton)
scribes:Ó Dálaigh (Aodh)patron:Sullivan (Francis Stoughton)

See also: Aodh Ó DálaighÓ Dálaigh (Aodh)
(fl. mid–18th century)
O'Daly (Hugh)
Irish scribe and poet
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Charles O'Conor [of Ballinagare]O'Conor (Charles) ... of Ballinagare
O'Conor (Charles) ... of Belanagare
Charles O'Conor, of Belanagare (Co. Roscommon), Irish scholar
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