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Smith, Peter J., “Stair Mlaise ar Dhartraighibh déin by Sighraidh Ó Cuirnín: a poem on the rights and privileges of the coarb of Saint Molaise over Dartraighe”, Peritia 29 (2018): 159–178.  

Stair Mlaise ar Dhartraighibh, a poem of 14 verses, by a fourteenth-century author called Sighraidh Ó Cuirnín, gives an account of the rents to be paid by the Uí Mhithighéin to the Uí Thaithligh in their capacity as comarbaí [coarbs] to Saint Molaise (d. 562) on Daimhinis [Devenish Island, Co. Fermanagh].

Smith, Peter J., “Tráchtas ar chíos Uí Dhomhnaill”, in: Nioclás Mac Cathmhaoil, Conal Mac Seáin, and Máire Nic Cathmhaoil (eds), Súgán an dúchais: aistí ar ghnéithe de thraidisiún liteartha Chúige Uladh i gcuimhne ar Dhiarmaid Ó Doibhlin, 1, Derry: Éigse Cholm Cille, Guildhall Press,, 2018. 145–176.  
‘Domhnall Ó Gallchabhair’s Testimony’ is a treatise on the entitlements and rents due from the gentry of Tír Chonaill and Inis Eoghain to Ó Domhnaill (O’Donnell), the chief of Cineál Chonaill in the period preceding the Ulster Plantation of 1609. It is preserved in Cambridge Additional Manuscript 2766 (20) 7, folio 4 recto - 8 recto. The scribe does not sign his name. The English phrase ‘May 10th 1775 / received from’ is written on 6 verso thereby giving us a terminus ante quem for the text. The extant text appears to be a transcript of an original which must have been written down from the dictation of Ó Domhnaill’s stewart, Tadhg son of Tiobód Mac Loingsigh in 1626. The present article provides an edition of the text together with a translation and commentary. The historical context for the entitlements and rents due to Ó Domhnaill is set out in the introduction, which provides an overview of several similar texts from the North of Ireland, including Lebor na Cert (‘The Book of Rights’), Ceartl (‘The Entitlements of Ó Néill’), Cíos Mhic Mhathghamhna, and Buannacht Bhona í Dhomhnaill. Further contextualisation is provided by reference to relevant material written in Irish and English that was contained in a letter written by Sir Francis Shaen, an official of the English government in Ireland. This particular text provides us with a fascinating insight into Irish civilisation on the eve of the final phase of the English conquest of Ireland.
Smith, Peter, “An historical tract in Irish relating to the confederate wars in Ireland”, Studia Hibernica 43 (2017): 25–52.  
The hitherto unpublished historical tract which is presented here was written by a Fermanagh scholar called Conchabhar Ó Luinín during the period c. 1652–1700. It affords us a unique insight into Irish feelings about the Confederate Wars in Ireland. Ó Luinín shares with us his personal reflections on the campaign in the first section of the tract before proceeding to list in the subsequent sections the battles fought and the names of the eminent Irish soldiers killed in combat. The text has survived in fragmentary form among the O’Conor Papers and is preserved in Dublin, Royal Irish Academy B i 1a (Catalogue Number 1078).
Smith, Peter J., “Writing in Irish in County Monaghan: thirteen hundred years of tradition”, in: Patrick J. Duffy, and Éamonn Ó Ciardha [ass.] (eds), Monaghan, history & society: interdisciplinary essays on the history of an Irish county, 25, Dublin: Geography Publications, 2017. 317–365.
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Smith, Peter J., “Contending coarbs: Cindus fuair Mlaise in Bealach?”, Peritia 24–25 (2013–2014): 230–240.  
St Molaise al. Laisrén (†564 AU) was founder/abbot of Daimhinis (Devenish). In the late-medieval poem, Cindus fuair Mlaise in Bealach? he is represented as delivering, from the grave, control over his foundation to the Ó Taithligh clerical dynasty and assigning to another clerical lineage the guardianship of his lesser site at Bealach Uí Mhithighéin at Ros Inbir (Co Leitrim). The poem is an excellent illustration of the way lay authorities and hereditary clerical lineages held ecclesiastical foundations and their estates in direct contravention of papal proscription.
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This paper presents a critical edition (with introduction, translation, and commentary) of the Middle-Irish poem Mide Maigen Clainne Cuind, which can be dated c.1030×1106 on internal evidence.
Smith, Peter J., Oidhreacht Oirghiall: a bibliography of Irish literature and philology relating to the south east Ulster–north Leinster region: : printed sources, Belfast: ULTACH Trust, 1995.
Smith, Peter J., “Aimirgein Glúngel tuir tend: a Middle-Irish poem on the authors and laws of Ireland”, Peritia 8 (1994): 120–150.  
This paper presents a critical edition (with introduction, translation, commentary, and linguistic analysis) of the Middle-Irish poem ‘Aimirgein Glúngel tuir tend’, attributed to Gilla in Choimded Úa Cormaic of Tulach Léis, and dated c.1050×1150 on linguistic and historical grounds.
CELT – edition: <link>
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