Saint Patrick

  • fl. 5th century
  • feast-day: 17 March
  • authors, saints of Ireland

See also: Broccaid of EmlaghBroccaid of Emlagh
(supp. fl. 5th century)
Irish saint, patron of Imlech Ech/Broccada (modern Emlagh, Co. Roscommon). In the Additamenta in the Book of Armagh, he is given as one of the sons of Patrick's sister, along with Lommán of Trim and a number of others.
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Broccán [scribe]Broccán ... scribe
(suppl fl. 5th century)
Broccán scríbnid
Irish saint noted for having been a scribe (scríbnid) of Saint Patrick’s household. There are other saints of the same name or name-group (Broc, Broccaid, Broccán) who were said to be related to St Patrick, such as Broccaid of Emlagh (Co. Roscommon) and Broccán of Breachmagh/Breaghey (Co. Armagh), both of whom are given as a son of Patrick’s sister Darerca. Ó Riain has suggested that they may have all originated as a single individual.
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CamulacusCamulacus (Cáemlach?)
(s. v)
A now obscure saint, abbot of Rathan (Rahan, Co. Offaly) and contemporary of St Patrick. He appears as Camulacus Commiensium (‘of the Commienses’) in Tírechan’s Collectanea and as Camelacus in an early hymn. His background is unknown and modern scholars have variously argued for Gaulish, British and Irish origins.
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Fíacc of SlettyFíacc of Sletty
(supp. fl. 5th century)
reputed disciple of Saint Patrick, abbot and patron saint of Sléibte (Sletty, Co. Laois).
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Lóegaire mac NéillLóegaire mac Néill
(fl. 5th century)
(time-frame ass. with Lóegaire mac Néill)
according to medieval Irish tradition, high-king of Ireland, son of Níall , and a contemporary of St Patrick
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Lommán of TrimLommán of Trim
(fl. 5th–early 6th century)
Lommán mac Dalláin
Lommán (mac Dalláin), patron saint of Áth Truimm (Trim, Co. Meath)
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Mac Cécht [smith of Patrick]Mac Cécht ... smith of Patrick
Mac Cécht of Domnach Arnoin, said to be one of Patrick’s smiths.
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Olcán of ArmoyOlcán of Armoy
(supp. fl. 5th century)
patron saint of Airther Maige (Armoy, Co. Antrim), who appears (in a negative light) in the Tripartite Life of Saint Patrick.
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