Saint Asaph

  • fl. 6th century
  • feast-day: 1 May
  • saints of Wales
  • St Asaph cathedral, Llanasa
Welsh saint, patron of St Asaph (W. Llanelwy) and its diocese as well as the nearby Llanasa (Flintshire). It has been suggested that Asaph was originally a local saint associated with Llanasa and that his assocation with Llanelwy and the diocese was a 12th-century innovation. A good part of his dossier is formed by traditions associated with St Kentigern from the 12th century onwards, notably Jocelin’s vita of the latter, according to which the church of the see of St Asaph was originally founded by Kentigern, who appointed Asaph, one of his disciples, as his successor.

See also: LlanasaLlanasa
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St Asaph cathedralSt Asaph cathedral
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