Roberts (Enid Pierce)

  • 1917–2010
  • scholars
Roberts, Enid Pierce, Gwaith Maredudd ap Rhys a’i gyfoedion, Cyfres beirdd yr uchelwyr, 44, Aberystwyth: Centre for Advanced Welsh and Celtic Studies, University of Wales, 2003.  

This volume contains the entire canon of Maredudd ap Rhys, a poet closely related with the area around Mathrafal in Powys. He was also a priest, and during his career he held such positions as vicar of Ruabon and the rectorships of Welshpool and Meifod. According to tradition he was Dafydd ab Edmwnd’s bardic mentor. He composed poems on a number of subjects, including eulogy, request poetry, nature and love poetry, and vaticination as well as religious poetry and a poem praising the famous rood at Caerleon. Also included are some poems by Ifan Fychan ab Ifan ab Adda and Sir Rhys of Llanbryn-mair and Carno, both of whom were contemporaries of Maredudd ap Rhys and composed in some of the same circles.

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Roberts, Enid Pierce [ed.], Gwaith Siôn Tudur, 2 vols, Cardiff: University of Wales Press, 1980.


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