Parker (Matthew)

  • 1504–1575
  • Canterbury
  • antiquarians, archbishops
  • (agents)
archbishop of Canterbury, antiquarian and patron.
Later, secondary hand:
Parker, Matthew [presumed], Ælfredi regis res gestae, London: [John Day], 1574.  
STC (2nd ed.) no. 863. First edition of Asser’s biography of King Alfred, interpolated with extracts from the Annals of St Neots, which Parker believed to have been written by Asser. The date of publication, 1574, is not indicated but has been established on the basis of a letter by Parker to William Cecil written in the same year (older references in the literature may have 1570).
Library of Congress: <link> Library of Congress: View in Mirador Internet Archive: <link> Parker on the Web – Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 176, part A (parts B and C are bound together): View in Mirador  : <link>
Parker, Matthew, De antiquitate Britannicae ecclesiae et priuilegiis ecclesiae Cantuariensis, [Lambeth, London]: [John Day], 1572.

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Davies (Richard)
Davies (Richard)
(d. 1581)
Welsh bishop, first of St Asaph, later of St Davids; a scholar whose achievements included translating parts of the New Testament into Welsh and writing the Epistol at y Cembru.

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Joscelyn (John)
Joscelyn (John)
English antiquarian and clergyman, who became secretary to Matthew Parker.

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