Oisín mac Finn

  • warriors, members of a fían (fénnidi)
  • (agents)
A fían-warrior, son of Finn, in the Finn Cycle of medieval Irish literature

See also: Blaí ingen Deirg Díanscothaig
Blaí ingen Deirg Díanscothaig
(time-frame ass. with Finn Cycle)
Daughter of Derg Díanscothach and the mother of Finn’s son Oisín.

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Finn mac Cumaill
Finn mac Cumaill (Find úa Báiscni)
(time-frame ass. with Finn Cycle, Finn mac Cumaill, Cormac mac Airt)
Finn mac Cumaill (earlier mac Umaill?), Find úa Báiscni: central hero in medieval Irish and Scottish literature of the so-called Finn Cycle; warrior-hunter and leader of a fían

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Oscar mac Oisín
Oscar mac Oisín
(time-frame ass. with Finn Cycle)
son of Oisín son of Finn mac Cumaill

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