See also: ÆthelfrithÆthelfrith
(d. c.616)
Æthelfrith ... king of Bernicia, Æthelfrith ... king of Northumbria
succeeded his father Æthelric as king of Bernicia in 592 and became king of Northumbria (both Bernicia and Deira) in 604; married to Bebba and later to the Deiran princess Acha.
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Anonymous [hand of CTC B.10.5]Anonymous ... hand of CTC B.10.5
(s. viii)
No short description available
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Oswald [king of Northumbria]Oswald ... king of Northumbria
(d. 642)
Son of Æthelfrith (king of Bernicia and later, Northumbria), was king of the Northumbrian kingdoms, Bernicia and Deira, following a period of exile among the Irish. He was killed in battle against an alliance between Penda, king of Mercia, and the Britons. Oswald later became the focus of a royal cult.
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Symeon of DurhamSymeon of Durham
(fl. c. 1090–c. 1128)
Simeon of Durham
No short description available
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