Mo Lua of Clonfertmulloe

  • Lugaid moccu Óche
  • saints of Ireland
  • Clúain Fertae Mo Lua, Druim Snechta
Patron saint of Clúain Fertae Mo Lua (Clonfertmulloe) and Druim Snechta (Drumsnat, Co. Monaghan).

See also: Clúain Fertae Mo LuaClúain Fertae Mo Lua ... Clonfertmulloe
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Corcu ÓcheCorcu Óche
Corco Óche;Corcu Óchae;Corcu Oíche;Corca Oíche

A client people of the Uí Fhidgente.

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Druim SnechtaDruim Snechta ... Drumsnat
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