Mac an Bhaird family

See also: Eoghan Ruadh Mac an BhairdMac an Bhaird (Eoghan Ruadh)
(b. c.1570, d. 1620s/after 1625)
Mac an Bhaird (Eoghan Ruadh mac Uilliam Óig)
Eoghan Ruadh mac Uilliam Óig Mac an Bhaird. Irish poet, member of a family who were hereditary poets to the Ó Domhnaill dynasty and himself poet to Aodh Ruadh Ó Dhomhnaill and others after the Flight of the Earls.
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Fearghal mac Domhnaill Ruaidh Mac an BhairdMac an Bhaird (Fearghal mac Domhnaill Ruaidh)
(fl. first half of the 16th century)
Fearghal (mac Domhnaill Ruaidh) Mac an Bhaird, Irish bardic poet
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Fearghal Óg Mac an BhairdMac an Bhaird (Fearghal Óg)
Mac an Bhaird, Fearghal Óg (mac Fearghail mheic Dhomhnaill Ruaidh), Irish bardic poet
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Gofraidh mac Briain Mac an BhairdMac an Bhaird (Gofraidh mac Briain)
(fl. 16th century)
Irish poet of the Mac an Bhaird family, a learned family of poets and scholars.
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Gofraidh Óg Mac an BhairdMac an Bhaird (Gofraidh Óg)
(fl. 1640s/1650s)
Irish poet, son of Gofraidh son of Brian Mac an Bhaird.
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