Mac Bionaid (Art)

  • 1793–1879
  • County Armagh, Ballykeel ... Co. Armagh
  • Irish poets, scribes, scholars
  • (agents)
Irish scholar, scribe and poet.

See also: Ballykeel [Co. Armagh]Ballykeel ... Co. Armagh
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County Armagh
County Armagh/Ard Mhacha
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Mac Ádhaimh (Roibeard)
Mac Ádhaimh (Roibeard)
Robert Shipboy MacAdam, Irish Presbyterian scholar and antiquarian from Belfast; co-founded Ulster Gaelic Society and the Belfast Museum; editor of the Ulster Journal Archaeology.

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O'Daly (John)
O'Daly (John)
Irish author, editor, bookseller and publisher.

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Breathnach, Diarmuid, and Máire Ní Mhurchú, Ainm.ie, Online: Fiontar, DCU, 2011–present. URL: <http://ainm.ie>. 
comments: The contents of the site are based on the series Beathaisnéis (a haon, a do, etc.) by Diarmuid Breathnach and Máire Ní Mhurchú.
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