Lugaid Luaigne (al. Láigne)

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Legendary high-king of Ireland, who is assigned a reign between Finnat Már and Congal Cláiringnech, his slayer. He appears in regnal lists, Éoganacht genealogies (e.g. LL p. 320) and the onomastic tract Cóir anmann.
Cf. Lugaid LágaLugaid Lága(e)
Lugaid Lágae
(time-frame ass. with Lugaid Mac Con)
A warrior associated with Lugaid Mac Con, son of Mog Nuadat, progenitor of the Éoganacht.
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Lugaid Mac ConLugaid Mac Con
Mac Con
Often simply Mac Con, a legendary high-king of Ireland from a people based in Munster; said to have defeated Éogan Mór and Art mac Cuinn in the battle of Mucrama after a return from exile following the battle of Cenn Abrat.
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O'Rahilly, T. F., “Notes, mainly etymological”, Ériu 13 (1942): 144–219.
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