Kirk (Robert)

  • 1644–1692
  • Aberfoyle
Episcopalian minister of Aberfoyle, Gaelic scholar and folklorist. He supervised the first combined edition of the Irish translations of the OT and NT, An Bíobla Naomhtha, in London in 1690. Kirk had the text transliterated from Irish into Roman script so that it might serve readers in the Scottish Highlands, although it remained an Irish text.
Kirk, Robert, and Edward Lhwyd [annotations], “A vocabulary of the Irish dialect, spoken by the Highlanders of Scotland”, in: William Nicolson, The Scottish historical library: containing a short view and character of most of the writers, records, registers, law-books, &c., which may be serviceable to the undertakers of a general history of Scotland, down to the union of the two kingdoms in K. James the VI, London: printed for T. Childe, 1702. 334–346.
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Bedell, William [et al.], and Uillam Ó Domhnuill [et al.], An Biobla Naomhtha: iona bhfuil Leabhair na Seintiomna... / agus na Tiomna Nuaidhe..., ed. Robert Kirk, London: R. Ebheringtham, 1690.
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