Kent (Alan M.)

  • 1967–2022
  • poets, scholars, playwrights
Cornish poet, playwright and scholar.
Williams, Nicholas J. A. [ed. and tr.], Michael Everson [transcr. and facs.], and Alan M. Kent [introd.], The Charter fragment and Pascon agan Arluth, Corpus Textuum Cornicorum 1, Dundee: Evertype, 2020.
Kent, Alan M., “Mending the gap in the medieval, modern and post-modern in New Cornish Studies: ‘Celtic’ materialism and the potential of presentism”, in: Payton, Philip (ed.), Cornish studies 20, Cornish Studies (second series) 20, Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 2012. 13–31.
Kent, Alan M., and Brian O. Murdoch [introd.], Ordinalia: the Cornish mystery plays cycle, a verse translation, London: Francis Boutle, 2005.
Kent, Alan M., “Scatting it t'lerrups: provisional notes towards alternative methodologies in language and literary studies in Cornwall”, in: Payton, Philip (ed.), Cornish studies thirteen, Cornish Studies (second series) 13, Exeter: University of Exeter Press, 2005. 23–52.
Kent, Alan M., and Tim Saunders, Looking at the mermaid: a reader in Cornish literature: 900–1900, London: Francis Boutle, 2000.


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