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(fl. c.628–704)
Adomnán mac Rónáin was abbot of Iona (r. 679–704) and author of the Latin Life of St Columba and an account of the holy places of the Near East (De locis sanctis). He is credited with the proclamation of the Lex innocentium or Cáin Adomnáin at the Synod of Birr.
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Baíthéne mac BrénainnBaíthéne mac Brénainn
(d. 598)
Báethíne mac Brénainn, Conin mac Brénainn
Second abbot of Iona, in succession to Colum Cille.
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Blathmac of IonaBlathmac of Iona
(d. 825)
Blathmac mac Flainn
Blathmac (Blaímac) mac Flainn, abbot of Iona
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Cilléne DroichtechCilléne Droichtech
(d. 752)
Abbot of Iona (r. 726–752), in succession to Cilléne Fota. Either of the two had his feast-day on 3 July and Félire Uí Gormáin opted for the present abbot. He is credited with the renewal of the Lex innocentium of Adomnán, whose relics were taken to Ireland.
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Colum CilleColum Cille
(fl. 6th century)
founder and abbot of Iona, Kells (Cenandas) and Derry (Daire).
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Cú ChuimneCú Chuimne
(d. 747)
monk and scholar at Iona, called sapiens, who is credited with having co-compiled the Collectio canonum Hibernensis and having authored a Latin hymn in praise of Mary.
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Cumméne AilbeCumméne Ailbe
(ob. 669)
Cumméne Albus, Cumméne Find
Al. Cumméne Find, seventh abbot of Iona; author of Liber de virtutibus sancti Columbae.
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Dorbéne mac AltaíniDorbéne mac Altaíni
(ob. 713)
Dorbbéne mac Altaíni
Abbot of Iona for only a brief period of time in 713, the year in which he died. He is commonly identified with the scribe Dorbbeneus who signs his name in the Schaffhausen manuscript of the Vita sancti Columbae.
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Dúnchad mac Cind FháeladDúnchad mac Cind Fháelad
(ob. 717)
Dúnchad mac Cinn Fáelad
Abbot of Iona.
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Fáelchú mac DorbéniFáelchú mac Dorbéni
(ob. 724)
Fáelchú mac Dorbbéni
Abbot of Iona.
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Fergno Britt mac FaílbiFergno Britt mac Faílbi
(ob. 623)
Fourth abbot of Iona, in succession to Laisrén.
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Laisrén mac FeradaigLaisrén mac Feradaig
(d. 605)
Lasrén mac Feradaig, Laisrán mac Feradaig, Laisrén of Iona
Third abbot of Iona, in succession to Baíthéne; previously prior of Dairmag (Durrow, Co. Offaly) and one of Colum Cille’s companions in Scotland.
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Ségéne mac FiachnaSégéne mac Fiachna
(ob. 652)
Ségéne mac Fíachnaí, Ségéne of Iona
Fifth abbot of Iona, in succession to Fergno Britt.
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Suibne [abbot of Iona]Suibne ... abbot of Iona
(ob. 657)
Suibne moccu Fir Thrí, Suibne moccu Urthrí
Suibne moccu Urthrí/Fir Thrí , sixth abbot of Iona, in succession to Ségéne.
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