Harris (Walter)

  • 1686–1761
  • authors, scholars
Irish historian.
Harris, Walter, The whole works of Sir James Ware concerning Ireland, revised and improved, Dublin, 1764.  

Vol. 1: The history of the bishops of that kingdom, and such matters ecclesiastical and civil, in which they were concerned, from the first propagation of Christianity therein to the present time [...]; Vol. 2: The history and antiquities of Ireland [...] Also, the history of the writers of Ireland, in two parts, viz. 1. Such writers who were born in that kingdom, and 2. Such who, though foreigners, enjoying preferments or offices there or had their education in it, with an account of the work they published.

Internet Archive – vol. 1: <link> Internet Archive – vol. 2: <link> Google Books – vol. 1: <link>

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James WareWare (James)
(d. 1666)
(Sir) James Ware, Irish scholar, historian and antiquarian
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The achievement of William Reeves as Armagh keeper can be closely associated with the changing mid-nineteenth-century fortunes of the Armagh library property. In the absence of a detailed survey of small Irish collections to match the example set by N. R. Ker’s magisterial Medieval manuscripts in British libraries, this study traces the crucial role played by Reeves in the history of several important manuscripts and early books now in Armagh Public Library.
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