Gwavas (William)

  • 1676–1741/2
  • jurists, scholars
British barrister, Cornish-language scholar and collector.

See also: John BosonBoson (John)
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Thomas BosonBoson (Thomas)
(d. 1719)
Cornish-language scholar, eldest son of Arthur Boson and a cousin of John and Nicholas Boson.
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John KeigwinKeigwin (John)
Cornish antiquary known for his translations of the Cornish-language works Pascon agan Arluth, Gwreans an bys and the Cornish Ordinalia. He was a nephew of William Scawen, for whom he translated Pascon agan Arluth.
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Edward LhuydLhuyd (Edward)
(d. 1709)
Llwyd (Edward)
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Thomas TonkinTonkin (Thomas)
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