Goolde (John) (friar and scribe)

  • fl. c.17th century, first half
  • scribes, friars
  • Cashel, Franciscan friary
Friar, guardian of the Franciscan friary in Cashel, and scribe who was responsible for a copy of the Vitae sanctorum Hiberniae and had worked together with the Four Masters.
scribes:Goolde (John) ... friar and scribe

See also: Cashel, Franciscan friaryCashel, Franciscan friary

Franciscan friary founded by Sir William Hacket in c.1265. After several interruptions in the 17th century, it persisted into the 18th century.

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Franciscan friarsFranciscan friars
Franciscans, Franciscan Order, Grey Friars, Friars Minor, OFM
AAT: “Broad term for a Roman Catholic religious order comprising several divisions; founded by St. Francis of Assisi (1181-1226). The rule emphasizes the vow of poverty, theology, preaching, and aid to the poor and sick. Different schools of thought among followers developed over the years; St. Bonaventure (1257-1274) founded a moderate interpretation of St. Francis' rule that bridged many of the differences. The independent branches of the order are the First Order of Franciscans: the Observants, the Conventuals, and the Capuchins; the Second Order comprises nuns established by St. Clare under the guidance of St. Francis, known as the Poor Clares; and the Third Order comprising religious and lay men and women, including the Third Order Secular (living in the world without vows) and Third Order Regular (living in religious communities under vow).”
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Jennings, Brendan, Michael Ó Cléirigh, chief of the Four Masters, and his associates, Dublin and Cork: Talbot Press, 1936.
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