Exeter Cathedral

See also: Bartholomew [bishop of Exeter]Bartholomew ... bishop of Exeter
(d. 1184)
Bishop of Exeter and theologian, who was born in Normandy, studied in Canterbury (possibly Paris prior to that) and was archdeacon of Exeter before being elected bishop.
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Robert of ChichesterRobert of Chichester
(d. 1160?)
Chichester (Robert of)
Bishop of Exeter (elected and consecrated in 1155) in succession to Robert (de) Warelwast; previously a canon of London in Islington and dean of Salisbury.
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Robert WarelwastWarelwast (Robert)
(d. 1155)
Warelwast (Robert de)
Bishop of Exeter (elected in 1137, consecrated in 1138), a nephew of his predecessor William (de) Warelwast and previously archdeacon of Exeter; educated at Laon.
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William WarelwastWarelwast (William)
(d. 1137)
Warelwast (William de)
Norman bishop of Exeter and clerk and diplomat in the service of King William II and later Henry I. His name Warelwast derives from Ver-à-Val, Normandy, but little is known of his early, continental career.
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