Evans (Hugh) (Denbighshire clergyman, fl. 16th c.)

  • fl. 1550s–d. 1587
  • clergy
  • St Asaph cathedral, Cerrigydrudion, Henllan
A clergyman active in Denbighshire. Evans was born ca. 1523 in Wales. He graduated at Brasenose College in Oxford in 1548-9 and took his MA there in 1553. He held a prebendary at St Paul’s cathedral in 1558. In 1560 he moved to north Wales, where he became dean of St Asaph, Denbighshire (1560-1587); sinecure rector of Cwm, Flintshire (1566-1574); vicar of Northop, Flintshire (1571-1577); and vicar of Henllan, Denbighshire (1582-d.1587). Evans died on 17 December 1587, aged 64 (Marx 2015). It has been suggested (O'Rourke 2003) that he may well have been the same Hugh Evans who was responsible for compiling the composite manuscript NLW Peniarth MS 12.
scribes:Evans (Hugh) ... Denbighshire clergyman, fl. 16th c.
Later, secondary hand:
scribes:Hywel Fychan ap Hywel Goch

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St Asaph cathedralSt Asaph cathedral
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Secondary sources (select)

O’Rourke, Jason, “English and Latin texts in Welsh contexts: reflections of a multilingual society in National Library of Wales MS. Peniarth 12”, Yearbook of English Studies 33 (2003): 53–63.

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