See also: John FergusFergus (John)
Ó Fearghusa (Seán)
Irish physician, scholar and manuscript collector in Dublin, who probably was from Connacht originally. One of the Irish manuscripts he had in his possession, the Liber Flavus Fergusiorum, is named after him and appears to have been a family heirloom.
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William HalidayHaliday (William)
Halliday (William)
Irish linguist and jurist, who in 1808 published, as E[dmund] O'C[onnell], a grammar of Irish (Uraicecht na Gaedhilge).
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Michael KearneyKearney (Michael)
No short description available
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Patrick Lynch [d. 1818]Lynch (Patrick) ... d. 1818
Ó Loingsigh (Pádraig) ... d. 1818
Irish schoolmaster, private tutor, author and editor.
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Seán Ó Cléirigh [d. 1846]Ó Cléirigh (Seán) ... d. 1846
Seán (or John) Ó Cleirigh, Irish scribe who could probably claim descent from certain illustrious scholars of the Uí Chléirigh, even if his own testimony seems fuzzy and inconsistent. He appears to have had, perhaps inherited, an unknown number of Irish manuscripts written by or associated with Cú Choigcríche Ó Cléirigh, five of which he brought to Dublin in 1817.
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Vailintín Ó hAnluainÓ hAnluain (Vailintín)
(fl. 18th century)
Ó hAnluain (Bhailintín), Ó hAnluain (Uailintín), O'Hanlon (Valentine)
Irish scribe associated with the Ó Neachtain circle in Dublin.
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Seán Ó NeachtainÓ Neachtain (Seán)
Naughton (John)
Irish poet, prose writer, and teacher; was born in Co. Roscommon and settled in Dublin.
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Tadhg Ó NeachtainÓ Neachtain (Tadhg)
(c.1670–c. 1752)
Irish scribe and scholar, son of Seán Ó Neachtain.
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Muiris Ó NuabhaÓ Nuabha (Muiris)
(fl. early 18th century)
Newby (Maurice)
Irish scribe
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John O'DalyO'Daly (John)
Irish author, editor, bookseller and publisher.
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Stiabhna RíghisRíghis (Stiabhna)
(s. xviiex–xviii1)
Stiabhna Ríghis/Rís or Stephen Rice, a Munster scribe who became active in Dublin and befriended Tadhg Ó Neachtáin.
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James ScurryScurry (James)
Ó Scoireadh (Séamus)
Irish: Séamus Ó Scoireadh, farmer, scholar and translator from Kilkenny.
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James YongeYonge (James)
(d. c.1425)
Anglo-Irish notary, writer and translator active in Dublin. His writings include an English adaptation of the Secreta secretorum, which was commissioned by the earl of Ormond, and an account of the pilgrimage of a Hungarian nobleman, Laurence Rathold, to St Patrick’s Purgatory.
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