Dorbéne mac Altaíni

  • ob. 713
  • feast-day: 28 October
  • scribes, abbots
  • Iona
Abbot of Iona for only a brief period of time in 713, the year in which he died. He is commonly identified with the scribe Dorbbeneus who signs his name in the Schaffhausen manuscript of the Vita sancti Columbae.
scribes:Dorbéne mac Altaíni

abbot of Iona Iona
Í (Choluim Chille) ... Iona
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Summer 713–d. 28 October 713Of the Cenél Conaill. Cf. Dorbbeneus in the Schaffhausen MS.
See also: Cenél ConaillCenél Conaill
‘kindred of Conall (Gulban, son of Níall Noígíallach)’, branch of the northern Uí Néill
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Fáelchú mac DorbéniFáelchú mac Dorbéni
(ob. 724)
Fáelchú mac Dorbbéni
Abbot of Iona.
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IonaÍ (Choluim Chille) ... Iona
Í (Choluim Chille) ... Iona
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