Conmaicne, Conmhaicne

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Early Irish population group, including branches such as the Conmaicne Dúine Móir (alias C. Ceniúil/Cenéoil Dubáin), Conmaicne Cúile (Tolad) and the Conmaicne Réin.

See also: Conmac mac FergusaConmac mac Fergusa
eponymous ancestor figure for the Conmaicne, listed (along with Ciar and Corc) as a son of Fergus mac Róich in Cóir anmann, which also gives his name as Cú and Lugaid Conmac.
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Conmaicne Cúile ToladConmaicne Cúile Tolad
or simply, C. Cúile; branch of the Conmaicne
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Conmaicne Dúine MóirConmaicne Dúine Móir
al. C. Ceniúil/Cenéoil Dubáin; branch of the Conmaicne.
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Conmaicne MaraConmaicne Mara
branch of the Conmaicne
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Conmaicne RéinConmaicne Réin
branch of the Conmaicne
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Iarlaithe of TuamIarlaithe of Tuam
(fl. 6th century)
Iarlaithe mac Loga
Iarlaithe mac Loga, patron saint of Tuam (Túaim Dá Gualann) in Connacht.
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Secondary sources (select)

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