Congar (Breton saint)

  • date unknown
  • feast-day: 13 February, 12 May
  • saints of Brittany
Breton saint whose name is thought to be attested in Saint-Comgard (Morbihan), Roscongar (Tréguier), Lescongar (Finistère) and other placenames. His feast-days are recorded on 13 February and 12 May. Doble identified him with the saint of St Ingonger (par. Lanivet, Cornwall).
Cf. CyngarCyngar
(supp. fl. early 8th century)
Cyngar of Congresbury, Cungar of Congresbury
Patron saint of Congresbury (Cungres-byrig) in Somerset, to which it supposedly gave its name. His origins are obscure. It has been suggested that he was originally a Welsh/British saint, and/or that he was invented to explain the placename and equip Congresbury with an origin story, based perhaps on a version of the Welsh saint. His vita shows certain affinities with 12th-century Welsh Latin hagiography associated with Caradog and the monastery of Llancarfan.
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Secondary sources (select)

Doble, G. H., “Saint Congar”, Antiquity 19:73 (1945): 32–43, 85–95.
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