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See also: AberconwyAberconwy

The Cistercian foundation at Conwy as it existed after it had relocated from Rhedynog Felen (late 12th c.) but before it moved to Maenan (1283).

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Basingwerk AbbeyBasingwerk Abbey
Former Cistercian abbey, near Holywell, Flintshire.

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Belach ConglaisBelach Conglais ... Baltinglass
Cistercian monastery founded in the 12th century.
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Dublin, St. Mary's AbbeyDublin, St. Mary’s Abbey
Former Cistercian abbey, founded as a daughter-house of Savigny across the Liffey from Dublin in c.1139 (or later) .

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LlanllŷrLlanllŷr ... Llanyre
The site of a Cistercian nunnery founded by Rhys ap Gruffydd; now the name of a village. Area: Sir Faesyfed/Radnorshire, Powys.
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Mellifont AbbeyMainistir (Mór) Drochit Átha ... Mellifont Abbey
Cistercian monastery near current town of Drogheda.
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Mainistir Chorchu ModhruadhMainistir Chorcu Modhruadh ... Corcomroe Abbey
Corcomroe Abbey, Corcu Modhruadh, Sancta Maria de Petra Fertili

This Cistercian abbey, called Sancta Maria de Petra Fertili ‘St Mary of the Fertile Rock’, is located in the north of the Burren, near (present-day) Ballyvaughan. It was probably founded in the late 12th century by its patron Domhnall Mór Ó Briain.

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Boyle AbbeyMainistir na Buille ... Boyle Abbey
Mainistir na Buille
Cistercian abbey.
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Margam AbbeyMargam Abbey

Historical Cistercian abbey founded by Robert, earl of Gloucester and lord of Glamorgan, and located in the modern village of Margam.

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Tintern abbeyTintern abbey
No short description available
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Tintern abbey [Co. Wexford]Tintern abbey ... Co. Wexford
Cistercian monastery.

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Whitland AbbeyTŷ Gwyn ar Daf ... Whitland Abbey

Cistercian abbey on the river Taf, founded by Bernard, bishop of St David's (1115–1148).

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