Carney (James P.)

  • 1914–1989
  • scholars
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Carney, James P., “Language and literature to 1169”, in: Dáibhí Ó Cróinín (ed.), A new history of Ireland, vol. 1: Prehistoric and early Ireland, Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2005. 451–510.
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This chapter discusses the following: reaction to the Anglo-Norman invasion; emergence of Early Modern Irish; the fourteenth-century revival; the ‘great books’; paper and printing; bardic verse; love poetry: the theory of French influence; Gearóid Iarla and Maghnus Ó Domhnaill; new versions of older tales; development of a ballad tradition; the ‘romantic tale’; literature from Connacht; and translations into Early Modern lrish of religious literature, medical and scientific literature, and entertainment and information.
(source: Oxford Scholarship Online)
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comments: Edition, with introduction, English translation and notes, of a selection of Irish and Hiberno-Latin poems.
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Carney, James P., “Two Old Irish poems”, Ériu 18 (1958): 1–43.  
comments: Edition and translation of two poems from Dublin, National Library of Ireland, MS G 50:
  1. ‘Imbu macan coig bliadhna’ (pp. 10-26), Irish version of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas (apocryphal text)
  2. ‘Mairi mathair, an maic bic’ (pp. 26-29), poem on the Virgin Mary.
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Carney, James P., “Carn Fraoich soitheach na saorchlann”, Celtica 2:1 (1952, 1954): 154–194.

As honouree

Celtica 23 — Essays in honour of James Patrick Carney (1999), Dublin: School of Celtic Studies, DIAS.
Ó Corráin, Donnchadh, Liam Breatnach, and Kim R. McCone (eds), Sages, saints and storytellers: Celtic studies in honour of Professor James Carney, Maynooth Monographs, 2, Maynooth: An Sagart, 1989.


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