Cú Roí (mac Dáiri)

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Warrior and king of Munster in tales of the Ulster Cycle.
Cf. Úath mac ImomainÚath mac Imomain
character in the LU version of Fled Bricrend
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See also: Conganchnes mac DedadConganchnes mac Dedad
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
warrior in the Ulster Cycle
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Mythical cattle-owner or briugu; associated in dinnshenchas narratives with Almu (Hill of Allen, Co. Kildare) and Adarca (eponymously, Adarca Bó Iuchna) in Co. Offaly; name probably connected to Benna Iuchna in Slán seiss, a Brigit co mbúaid; in the story cycle around Cú Roí, he came to be equated or merged with Echde [or Eochu] Echbél, legendary owner of three special cows.
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Lugaid mac Con RoíLugaid mac Con Roí
(time-frame ass. with Ulster Cycle)
Warrior in the Ulster Cycle, son of Cú Roí. In the tale Brislech Mór Maige Muirthemne, he is identified as the one who slew Cú Chulainn after wounding him with a spear.
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MunsterMunster/Cúige Mumhan
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