Boyle (Robert)

  • 1627–1691
  • Lis Mór
Anglo-Irish scientist, natural philosopher, a son of Richard, first earl of Cork (d. 1643); a devout Anglican who financed the printing of the Irish Bible.

See also: Richard Boyle [1st earl of Cork]Boyle (Richard) ... 1st earl of Cork
English politician, born in Kent, who confiscated much land in Munster and became the first earl of Cork (1620) and lord treasurer of Ireland (1631).
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James Kirkwood [Church of Scotland minister]Kirkwood (James) ... Church of Scotland minister
Church of Scotland minister who advocated the use of Scottish Gaelic and played an important role in Robert Kirk’s translation of the Bible into Scottish Gaelic.
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Lis MórLis Mór ... Lismore
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