Bodinar (William)

  • fl. 18th century
  • Mousehole
William Bodinar (previously misread as Bodener), a fisherman of Mousehole, known today for a (partially) bilingual English-Cornish letter, dated 1776, which he wrote to the lawyer and antiquary Daines Barrington and bears witness to a remnant of the Cornish language.

See also: Daines BarringtonBarrington (Daines)
(d. 1800)
English lawyer, antiquary and naturalist.
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Village and fishing port in Cornwall.

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Dolly PentreathPentreath (Dolly)
(d. 26 December 1777)
A speaker of Cornish as late as the 18th century, who was later claimed to have been among the last native speakers to have been fluent in Cornish.
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