Anchorite of Llandewi Brefi

  • fl. mid–14th century
  • scribes
  • Llandewi Brefi
Anonymous scribe usually known as the ‘anchorite of Llandewi Brefi’.
scribes:Anchorite of Llandewi Brefi
scribes:Anchorite of Llandewi Brefipatron:Gruffudd ap Phylip ap Trahayarn or Kantref Mawr

See also: Llandewi BrefiLlandewi Brefi
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Secondary sources (select)

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Jones, Thomas, “The Book of the Anchorite of Llanddewi Brefi”, Transactions and Archaeological Record, Cardiganshire Antiquarian Society 12 (1937): 63–82.

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