Ó Teimhinn (Domhnall)

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Domhnall Ó Teimhinn (or perhaps Teinn), Irish scribe

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1712–1713 – Texts transcribed by Domhnall Ó Teimhinn (in East Cork?)

Domhnall Ó Teimhinn[?] writes a manuscript for Conchubhar Ó Briain (now RIA 23 H 28 + part of NLI G 776). Not only does it share texts with the Book of Lismore, but according to Ó Cuív: 286-287, the Book of Lismore was likely used as an exemplar. See 287 for the tentative suggestion that the Arabic foliation might date from this period and could be related to Domhnall Ó Teimhinn having access to the manuscript.

In his review of Ó Cuív's article (Éigse 21), Breandán Ó Conchúir argues that if one accepts the proposition, it would mean that the Book of Lismore itself “was in East Cork at the beginning of the eighteenth century, possibly in the possession of the O'Briens of Kilcor” and that it may have been in Lismore by the 1760s as bishop John O'Brien would probably have consulted the Book of Lismore when he compiled his Irish-English dictionary.

Domhnall Ó TeimhinnÓ Teimhinn (Domhnall)
(s. xviiiin)
Domhnall Ó Teimhinn (or perhaps Teinn), Irish scribe
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Conchubhar Ó Briain [priest and poet]Ó Briain (Conchubhar) ... priest and poet
Carn Tighearnaigh
al. Carn Tighearnaigh, Irish priest and poet.
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