Heist (William W.)

  • d. 1981
Heist, W. W., “Over the writer’s shoulder: Saint Abban”, Celtica 11 (1976): 76–84.
Heist, W. W. [ed.], Vitae sanctorum Hiberniae: ex codice olim Salmanticensi, nunc Bruxellensi. Lives of the saints of Ireland, from the Salamanca manuscript now of Brussels, Subsidia Hagiographica, 28, Brussels: Société des Bollandistes, 1965.
Heist, W. W., “Dermot O'Donohue and the Codex Salmanticensis”, Celtica 5 (1960): 52–63.
Heist, William W., The fifteen signs before Doomsday, East Lansing, Michigan: Michigan State College Press, 1952.
Heist, William W., “Welsh prose versions of the Fifteen Signs before Doomsday”, Speculum 19:4 (October, 1944): 421–432.

As honouree

Ford, Patrick K. (ed.), Celtic folklore and Christianity: studies in memory of William W. Heist, Santa Barbara, California: McNally and Loftin, 1983.


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