See also: Conan MeriadocConan Meriadoc
(supp. fl. 4th century)
Legendary leader of the earliest migrations of Britons to Brittany and a ‘founding father’ of Brittany in the historical scheme laid out by Geoffrey of Monmouth’s Historia regum Britanniae and the texts that followed it.
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(fl. middle of the 6th century)
Cunomor, Konomor, Cunomorus
Ruler in both Cornwall or Dumnonia and Brittany.
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(supp. fl. 5th century)
Gralon Meur
Legendary king in Brittany, mentioned as ruling over either Cornouaille or Brittany as a whole.
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(supp. fl. 6th/7th century)
A saint of Breton origin who is the subject of a Middle Cornish play, Beunans Meriasek, according to which he performed many miracles during his time in Cornwall and later returned to Brittany to become bishop of Vannes. In some Breton sources, his feast-day is 7 June, while in Camborne, it used to be celebrated on the first Friday of June.
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