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Breatnach, Liam, Córus bésgnai: an Old Irish law tract on the church and society, Early Irish Law Series 7, Dublin: School of Celtic Studies, DIAS, 2017. xii + 346 pp.  
Córus bésgnai, a component tract of the Old Irish law text Senchas Már, is an important source text for the Church in early mediaeval Ireland. This book consists of annotated editions and translations of the Old Irish text as well as the later mediaeval glosses and commentaries. It should be of use to those interested not only in early mediaeval Ireland, but also in the early mediaeval Western Church.
Breatnach, Liam, “Varia III: 1. On the preposition for with the negative particle in Old Irish; 2. The river Níth”, Ériu 67 (2017): 227–237.
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Boyle, Elizabeth, and Liam Breatnach, “Senchas Gall Átha Clíath: aspects of the cult of St Patrick in the twelfth century”, in: Carey, John, Kevin Murray, and Caitríona Ó Dochartaigh (eds), Sacred histories: a Festschrift for Máire Herbert, Dublin: Four Courts Press, 2015. 22–55.  

This Festschrift contribution comprises the first edition, translation and detailed discussion of Senchas Gall Átha Clíath (‘History of the Foreigners of Dublin’), a late Middle Irish (twelfth-century) poem on the conversion of the people of Dublin to Christianity. Anachronistically, the conversion is attributed to St Patrick, and the poem is discussed in the context of the production of local hagiography and anachronistic charter material in twelfth-century Ireland and Britain in response to Canterbury’s claims to ecclesiastical hegemony. Introduction and source analysis by Elizabeth Boyle; edition, translation and textual notes by Liam Breatnach.

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Breatnach, Liam, “Lebor na hUidre: some linguistic aspects”, in: Ó hUiginn, Ruairí (ed.), Lebor na hUidre, Codices Hibernenses Eximii 1, Dublin: Royal Irish Academy, 2015. 53–77.
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