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Flüeler, Christoph [project director], and Urs Baumann [photographer], e-codices: virtual manuscript library of Switzerland, Online: University of Freiburg, 2006–present. URL: <http://www.e-codices.unifr.ch>.
Homburger, Otto, Die illustrierten Handschriften der Burgerbibliothek Bern: die Vorkarolingischen und Karolingischen Handschriften, Bern: Burgerbibliothek Bern, 1962.
Hagen, Hermann, Catalogus codicum Bernensium (Bibliotheca Bongarsiana), Bern: Haller, 1874–1875.  
comments: Originally published as two volumes: I. Codices 1-306. II. Praefatio; Codices 306-733; Appendix; Librorum impressorum quibus notae marginales ascriptae sunt conspectus; Indices.
Gallica: <link> Internet Archive – originally from Google Books: <link>

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