Bennchor (Bangor)

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See also: CamulacusCamulacus (Cáemlach?)
(s. v)
A now obscure saint, abbot of Rathan (Rahan, Co. Offaly) and contemporary of St Patrick. He appears as Camulacus Commiensium (‘of the Commienses’) in Tírechan’s Collectanea and as Camelacus in an early hymn. His background is unknown and modern scholars have variously argued for Gaulish, British and Irish origins.
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Comgall of BangorComgall of Bangor
(d. 601/602)
Comgall mac Sétnai, Comgall moccu Araidi
Comgall (mac Sétnai) moccu Araidi, patron saint of Bangor
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Crónán [abbot of Bangor]Crónán ... abbot of Bangor
(fl. 680–691)
abbot of Bangor (680-691); moccu Chualne (AU), maccu Caulne (AT).
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Dub Innse [bishop of Bangor]Dub Innse ... bishop of Bangor
(d. 953)
Bishop of Bangor. It is thought that he did not hold the abbacy, seeing as the title of abbot is given to Máel Cothaid mac Lachtnáin, who died in the same year as Dub Innse.
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Máel RubaiMáel Rubai
(d. 722)
Máel Ruba, Sagart Ruadh
Abbot and founder of the monastery of Apor Crossan (Applecross, Scotland), commemorated as a saint in Irish and Scottish sources.
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Riaguil of BennchorRiaguil of Bennchor
(fl. 8th/9th century?)
Riaguil of Bangor
The name ‘Riaguil of Bennchor’, suggesting a religious associated with the monastery of Bennchor (Bangor, Co. Down), is attested for: (1) a saint commemorated in the martyrologies of Tallaght and Donegal under 11 June, and (2) a poet to whom a couple of verses on the battle of Dún Nechtain (685) are attributed. Although the first name, presumably a monastic name, is relatively rare, it is possible but by no means certain that they refer to the same person.
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