Scél Éuagair

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An Irish version of the Abgar legend, translated from the Latin Epistola ad Abgarum and found in the Leabhar Breac as a relatively distinct part of an Irish text on Christ’s household, with a variant version attached to it.

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prose (primary)
Textual relationships
(Possible) sources: Epistola Christi ad AbgarumEpistola Christi ad AbgarumA Latin version of the apocryphal letter of Christ to Abgar (V), king of Edessa.




Abgar legendapocryphal and pseudepigraphical literature, Life and miracles of Christ
Abgar legend
id. 65744

Apocryphal legend concerning the correspondence between Christ and Abgar (V), king of Edessa, and the miracle of the latter’s healing after Christ’s ascension.


Primary sources

[ed.] Considine, Patrick, “Irish versions of the Abgar legend”, Celtica 10 (1973): 237–257.
[tr.] Herbert, Máire [tr.], and Martin McNamara [notes], “[New Testament] 15. The Abgar legend”, in: Máire Herbert, and Martin McNamara (eds), Irish biblical apocrypha: selected texts in translation, Edinburgh: Clark, 1989. 48–49, 175.
48–49; 175 Translation of the text in LB, collated with that in TCD 1319.
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