verse beg. Maire máthair in maic bic

  • Old Irish
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  • extent: more or less complete
Short Old Irish poem (7 qq + 1 possibly interpolated) on the Virgin Mary, preserved only in a 17th-century manuscript (NLI MS G 50).
Initial words (verse)
  • Maire máthair in maic bic
  • Dublin, National Library of Ireland, MS G 50 [s. xvii]
    p. 121beginning: ‘Mairi mathair an maic bic’
    8 qq. The fourth stanza, beg. Gein ro génair re mbethaib, is in a different metre, a type of rannaigecht, and seems to be extraneous. Carney explains its presence by assuming it was originally an early marginal quatrain but ended up being unintentionally incorporated in the poem.
  • Old Irish

c.700? According to Carney, this poem and the longer one that precedes it (Imbu maccán cóic blíadnae) “seem somewhat older than those of Blathmac, and a seventh- rather than an eighth-century date may perhaps be thought of.”.

verse (primary)
  • deibide
Number of stanzas
7 or 8
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Gein ro génair re mbethaibGein ro génair re mbethaibView incoming data



Mary [mother of Jesus]Mary ... mother of Jesus
(s. i BC / s. i)
Virgin Mary
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[ed.] [tr.] Carney, James P. [ed.], The poems of Blathmac, son of Cú Brettan: together with the Irish Gospel of Thomas and a poem on the Virgin Mary, Irish Texts Society 47, London: Irish Texts Society, 1964.
[ed.] [tr.] Carney, James P., “Two Old Irish poems”, Ériu 18 (1958): 1–43.  
comments: Edition and translation of two poems from Dublin, National Library of Ireland, MS G 50:
  1. ‘Imbu macan coig bliadhna’ (pp. 10-26), Irish version of the Infancy Gospel of Thomas (apocryphal text)
  2. ‘Mairi mathair, an maic bic’ (pp. 26-29), poem on the Virgin Mary.
26–29 (text and translation), 42–43 (textual notes), 4 (comments) Critical and diplomatic edition, with translation and notes.
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