London, British Library, MS Cotton Vitellius F xi Irish psalter

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  • s. x
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Psalter thought to have been produced in Ireland in the early 10th century. It suffered in the fire at Ashburnham House in 1731, although important work was undertaken in the 19th century to salvage the burnt leaves. An Irish colophon, now lost but known through a transcript by James Ussher, includes a prayer for one Muiredach, who has been identified with the Muiredach mac Domnaill who was abbot of Mainistir Buite (Monasterboice) and died in 923.

Collection: Cotton manuscripts
Cotton Vitellius F xi
Provenance and related aspects
s. x
Early 10th century (Henry, Westwood).
Origin, provenance
Origin: ass. with Muiredach mac Domnaill [abbot]Muiredach mac Domnaill ... abbot
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Hands, scribes
Codicological information
State of existence
59 ff.
Palaeographical information
Category: Insular half-uncial


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